IT Services

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You should focus on your business, not your computer environment. Our goal is to make your technical environment as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Troubleshoot—and fix—network, computer, or most any technical problem

  • If you’re rebooting your computer more than once per day, something is wrong.
  • If it takes several minutes for your computer to reboot, something is wrong.
  • A network server should only need to be rebooted after planned changes.

Do you need a network expert?

Our network experts can help you:

  • Implement a small business network.
  • Implement a mail server.
  • Integrate your mobile devices.

Keep your computers in top shape with routine maintenance

  • Clients who opt for regular routine maintenance experience the most uptime.
  • Routine maintenance allows us to spot potential problems before they become issues.
  • Computers are kept in top running condition.

Small buinesses our specialty

Small businesses trust Entré for all their computing and technology needs.

Are you really getting good backups?

  • Are you betting your business on it?
  • Do you have a secondary backup strategy?

Data loss is preventable!

Our new site surveys often reveal a potential disaster waiting to happen. We see new clients spending money on data recovery when they could have spent a fraction of that amount on proper backup. In some cases their previous consultant advised them incorrectly.

How quickly could you recover from a catastrophic data loss? Are you sure?

Is your network secure?

lock down access to your computers
  • More data is lost to data theft than viruses.
  • Do you know how to tell if your network has been hacked?

Service à la carte

You select from a full-service menu, services-on-demand, or anything in between. Our remote computer services mean we respond quickly.

We can make the pain go away

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Your computers, network, and mobile devices are your tools and should never be the focus of your frustration.

Call us at 303.290.8888 to make the pain go away.