Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks

A poorly integrated mobile device can cause many problems, including a lack of connectivity to e-mail. Our integration services help you stay connected.

Laptop, iPhones, iPads, printers

Do your devices support all your e-mail accounts?

Our connectivity experts can help you:

  • Set up your work and e-mail accounts on all your mobile devices. (Outlook and Windows Mail included.)
  • Secure your mobile devices.

We can integrate all mobile devices:

  • Apple iPhones, iPads, and Mac laptops.
  • Android-based devices, including smartphones, tablets, and the Kindle Fire.
  • Microsoft Windows-based laptops and smartphones.

Is a crime being committed on your wireless network?

  • Criminals look for open or poorly secured networks to use for nefarious purposes.
  • “Wardriving” software is easily available so people can steal your wireless network connection.

Your physical location can be pinpointed by your IP address. Make sure your wireless network is secure.

You are paying for your wireless connection. You should have the use of 100% of your bandwidth.

Is your wireless network slow?

There are many ways to configure a wireless network. Some of the factors that can affect performance are:

  • the frequency band.
  • configuration.
  • hardware.

Are your connections reliable?

Or are you always being disconnected? Unreliable connections can mean an improperly configured network or device. A properly configured wireless network is “always on.”

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We Can Make the Pain Go Away

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Your computers, network, and mobile devices are your tools and should never be the focus of your frustration.

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