IT, Network, and Consulting Services Offered by Entré Computer and Communications


Entré Computer and Communications provides remote computer services whether you have one home office PC or a network and a building full of computers at an affordable monthly cost.

Regular maintenance is essential

Regular monthly maintenance means virtually no unplanned downtime. We apply security updates to your essential programs and monitor servers and desktops remotely. You will be advised of potential problems before they become critical.

We can clean up your existing network and computer environment to a baseline, more stable condition.

Once your computing environment is baselined and stabilized, you and your employees can focus on the business at hand.

Would you prefer “on call” service only?

Most small companies find that proactive maintenance prevents problems from happening, but some companies prefer to have professional services available only on an “as needed” basis. We’ll be happy to work with you to provide the services that suit your needs and budget.

Your technical advocate

As your outsourced IT Department, we have the expertise to act as your advocate with other technical vendors.

Business Continuity

Disasters come in many forms and in order to minimize your business loss, you need to have your site properly backed up. Whether it’s a faulty disk drive, vandalism, or a major disaster, our managed backup services can have you up and running promptly.


Assessing your network needs, planning, developing, and maintaining your network

Our network experts are ready to meet with you to plan a natural development path for your network and communication needs. We will implement file servers, mail servers, and Internet connections that will best suit your business needs. We can help you build your infrastructure from the ground up.

Application-level expertise

When you or your employees have questions about how to accomplish a task in Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, or most any other application, we have answers. We take the time to explain things in English at a pace suitable for proper understanding. Don’t let them spend hours beating their head against a wall to try to figure out answers that we can provide in minutes. We also offer customized training classes for your staff.

Call 303.290.8888 anytime

… but remember a pre-arranged service plan—whether it is for regular or “on call” service—will guarantee a faster response time.

Just a few of the services we offer …

We know that your computers are your tools. We aim to make your technical environment as easy and trouble-free as possible. You should focus on your business, not your computer environment.

Some of the serivces that we offer include:

  • Assess your technology needs and help you optimize your resources.
  • Troubleshoot—and fix—network, computer, or most any technical problem.
  • Clean up your existing network and computer environment to a baseline, more stable condition.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring includes antivirus and antispyware updates plus Windows critical updates.
  • Remote support means we can solve your computer problem right away.
  • Plan and implement new network installations and infrastructure. We offer all types of networking solutions.
  • Upgrade your existing network including hardware and/or software.
  • Cable infrastructure including server racks, copper wiring, and fiber optic.
  • Smoothly integrate your data communications into your network—this is a specialty at Entré. Dealing with Qwest or other data carriers is our job.
  • Work with your wireless vendor to integrate your data communications.
  • Integrate your handheld devices, such as iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets, into your network and e-mail system.
  • Connect your home computer to your office via high speed connection.
  • Mobile device and wireless connectivity.
  • Access points and local wireless LAN.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Install switches, routers, and hubs.
  • Customized training.
  • Disaster recovery documentation.
  • Small business accounting.
  • QuickBooks network installation.
  • Website design, makeovers, and maintenance for small businesses.Yes, we do shopping carts.
  • Advice and/or procurement services for hardware and software.
  • Upgrade software.
  • Upgrade hardware.
  • Act as your advocate with other vendors.
  • Help you recycle or donate your computers and printers.
  • Integrate network-based (IP) printers into your environment.
  • Integrate security computers, including camera-based systems, into your network.
  • We work with all the cell phone carriers and networks.
  • VPN (virtual private network) connections.
  • Build wiring infrastructure including server racks, copper wiring, and fiber optic.