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Easy editing: stop giving each character individual treatment
Don't sort – filter! How to view your Excel data quickly
Download.com (CNET) changes - no longer malware free?
E-mail courtesy: use the “Bcc” option when e-mailing more than a few people
2 Outlook.com tips: view entire address list; create a distribution list
2 tips: view folders alphabetically; make use of MRU (most recently used) lists
Microsoft Word: display page numbers and white space in Print Layout
Selecting columns or non-contiguous text in Microsoft Word (or Outlook)
iPhone/iPad Performance and Battery Life OR how to close apps on your iPhone and iPad UPDATED for iOS7
Yes, you can synch your iPhone with iTunes without losing app icon placements on the iPhone
Don't Fall for the Latest Microsoft Scam
Mirrored Drives as a Backup Strategy: Meh.
Spam Fighting Tool: Outlook Message Headers
Keeping Track of Your Software Purchases and Free Programs in 3 Easy Steps
Color code messages in Outlook 2010
Some HP Printers may not print black text
How easy is it to hack your computer or device?
Print Only What You Want From a Web Page
Convert PDF to Word (free!)
Improved Junk E-Mail Filter
Favorite Features: Snipping Tool
Favorite Features: customize Favorite Links
Internet Explorer feature: add a temporary bookmark
How to send an e-mail to undisclosed recipients in Outlook (Updated)
Microsoft does not send Updates via e-mail


Typical New Client: No Backup Since 2009!
Entré Gives Back: Special Fundraiser for Proton Research
Entré blog updates
THINK about that e-mail BEFORE you press the Send button!
Get a human when you call a company
Clean your keyboard … please!
Trusting Your Service Provider: One difference between Entre’ and other consultants


Malware warning: Beta Bot disables antivirus programs, steals data
Don't Fall for the Latest Microsoft Scam
When is it okay to turn off your antivirus software?
Spam Fighting Tool: Outlook Message Headers
Anatomy of a Really Bad Day: First-hand Lesson in Cybersecurity
Human Engineering Wins Sometimes
Add the term “Vishing” to your lexicon
Don’t Trust your e-mail
Protecting Yourself Against Conficker
Silly Season in Politics – False e-mail abounds
Back off the forwarding
E-mail Claims Free Upgrade, Don’t Be Fooled
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Microsoft does not send Updates via e-mail
There Are No Official Anti-Spam Registries!


Cloud computing explained
What is RSS?
Keeping Up With Twitter
An Advance in Computing: Wolfram Alpha


Windows 7
Microsoft Extends Life of XP
Microsoft Tips and Tricks
Microsoft to discontinue OEM sales of XP
Microsoft Gives Students a Break - Legitimate Offer


From the Oh PUH-leeze!!! file (humor)
Phishing for a Laugh?
A little humor