2 Windows tips: view folders alphabetically; make use of MRU (most recently used) lists

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Figure A

Windows 7 tips

View Folders alphabetically

If your My Documents or other folders are showing the most recently used folders first, and you want to go back to showing the folders alphabetically, just drop down the “Arrange by” arrow and select “Clear Changes”. (Figure A)


Making use of MRU (most recently used) file lists (awesome shortcut)

Pinning your most frequently used applications to the taskbar is helpful (1-click launch), but you can cut to the chase to access recently used files or folders by utilizing the jump lists in Windows 7.  These are the MRU file lists (jump lists) that you see when you right-click an application icon on your taskbar. (Figure B)  Slide your cursor up to the document or folder and left-click to launch the application and file at the same time.

If you want an item to always be available on your jump list, just move your cursor up to the item and a push-pin icon appears with the words “Pin to this list.”  (Figure C) Move your cursor over and click the push-pin icon and that item will always appear when you view the jump list.

You can pin a file or folder to your jump list for easy availability

You can clear an individual item from a list by right-clicking on the item and selecting “Remove from this list.”  Clearing an entire MRU list isn’t for the casual user, but you can clear all your MRU lists by following the procedure on this website.