Don’t sort – filter! How to view your Excel data quickly

A lot of people think you need to go through the process of sorting your Excel spreadsheet in order to view the data in any useful manner.  Forget sort!  While you weren’t looking, Microsoft created a really quick and easy way for you to view your data on the fly: the Filter function.

  1. Click the Data tab
  2. Click the Filter icon
  3. Use any one of the drop down icons that now appear on each of your headings

use the Excel filter function to sort data quickly

By default, every available item is selected.  If there are just a few items you want to view, click in the Select All checkbox to deselect everything and then click the checkboxes of the data you want to view.  Note the different ways to filter, including by color, and the sort functions available as well.

Further refine your view by using the drop down icon in another column and making selections there.   Keep going in each of the columns until you are viewing the data that you need.