Malware warning: Beta Bot disables antivirus programs, steals data

Beta bot will disable your antivirus program
Beta Bot “Windows Command Process” message box

Beta Bot masquerades as the “User Account Control” message box, it is also able to perform modifications to a user’s computer. If the pop-up message shown here or a similar prompt appears on your computer and you did not request it or are not making modifications to your system’s configuration, do not authorize “Windows Command Processor” to make any changes.

From the FBI:

The FBI is aware of a new type of malware known as Beta Bot. Cyber criminals use Beta Bot to target financial institutions, e-commerce sites, online payment platforms, and social networking sites to steal sensitive data such as log-in credentials and financial information. Beta Bot blocks computer users’ access to security websites and disables anti-virus programs, leaving computers vulnerable to compromise.

Beta Bot infection vectors include an illegitimate but official looking Microsoft Windows message box named “User Account Control” that requests a user’s permission to allow the “Windows Command Processor” to modify the user’s computer settings. If the user complies with the request, the hackers are able to exfiltrate data from the computer. Beta Bot is also spread via USB thumb drives or online via Skype, where it redirects the user to compromised websites.

Always be careful—and very aware—when allowing modifications to your computer.  Some malware will install itself even if you respond “No” or close the message box.  If in doubt just turn off your computer and call us at 303-290-8888.