Selecting columns or non-contiguous text in Microsoft Word (or Outlook)

select columns in WordYou can make columnar selections of text in your Word document, even when it isn’t in a Table. Click at the beginning of your selection, press the ALT key, then click again and drag to the end of your selection.

Format the text like you would any other selection (color, bold, font, and so on.)

To select non-contiguous text, just make your first selection, then hold down the CTRL key as you make your next (and any subsequent) selection(s).

Again, format the selection as desired.

make non-contiguous selections in Microsoft Word, Outlook, or ExcelBecause Outlook uses Word as the default editor, you can use these same selection tips in Outlook.

Selecting non-contiguous cells in Excel works the same way: click once in the first cell and hold the CTRL key as you click once in the other cells you want to select.