IT Services

Focus on your business, not your computers

Our network experts can help you:
• Implement a small business network.
• Integrate your mobile devices.
• Succeed. (About 3.5 million small businesses fail annually due to IT deficiencies.)

Your business can succeed when your computers work.

We can troubleshoot—and fix—network, computer, or most any technical problem

• A network server should only need to be rebooted after planned changes.
• If you’re rebooting your computer more than once per day, something is wrong.
• If it takes several minutes for your computer to reboot, something is wrong.

Don't be a business failure statistic

Small businesses who lose data fail at a higher rate.
• Data loss is preventable.
• Are you betting your business on your backups?.
• Do you know how to tell if your network has been hacked?

You could lose business if you lose data.

Small businesses our specialty

Staying ahead in today’s business environment is tough. You don’t have time to become a computer expert.
Focus on your business and call us to help you with your technology.
Small businesses trust Entré for all their computing and technology needs.

We can make the pain go away

Our goal is to make your technical environment as easy and trouble-free as possible.
Your computers, network, and mobile devices are your tools and should never be the focus of your frustration.

We can make the pain of dealing with difficult technology go away


Regular maintenance
Regular monthly maintenance means virtually no unplanned downtime. We apply security updates to your essential programs and monitor servers and desktops remotely. We can clean up your existing network and computer environment to a baseline, more stable condition.
“On call” services
Most small companies find that proactive maintenance prevents problems from happening, but some companies prefer to have professional services à la carte — on an “as needed” basis. We’ll be happy to work with you to provide the services that suit your needs and budget.
Business Continuity
Disasters come in many forms and in order to minimize your business loss, you need to have your site properly backed up. Whether it’s a faulty disk drive, vandalism, or a major disaster, our managed backup services can have you up and running promptly.
Assessing your network needs, planning, developing, and maintaining your network
Our network experts are ready to meet with you to plan a natural development path for your network and communication needs. We will implement the solution that will best suit your business needs.
Application-level expertise
When you or your employees have questions about how to accomplish a task in Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, or most any other application, we have answers. We take the time to explain things in English at a pace suitable for proper understanding. Don’t let them spend hours beating their head against a wall to try to figure out answers that we can provide in minutes.
Your technical advocate
As your outsourced IT Department, we have the expertise to act as your advocate with other technical vendors.